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If you would like to find out more about St. Michael’s and our vision please read below.

JIMAS bought the property out of care for the whole of the Ipswich community, to bring some rejuvenation and hope to the area and aims to:

  • Restore the Church and preserve a bit of history of our town and its Victorian Christian heritage
  • Develop the site to become a Centre of Excellence for charity and culture.
  • We seek inclusion of all interested parties and wish to develop this project through as much consensus as possible and foster understanding among people of all types.
  • Be available for public hire with focus on facilitating local charities and those who are less privileged.

St. Michael’s Community Centre – Ipswich (SMCCI) is a community centre located in the heart of Ipswich. More than a venue the centre is an extension of the JIMAS 1 CommUnity project – that aims to connect communities and build greater understanding between people across the spectrum of society.


SMCCI provides a welcoming environment to any and all people regardless of background. Through SMCCI we hope to provide a space where the people of this town can benefit each other for the betterment of all.

If you would like to provide some input in how the Centre can benefit the community we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch and email us at info@smcci.org.uk

Find out about the History of the St. Michael's site

Our 1 CommUnity program has been running since 2006. The aim of the project is to bring people together from all backgrounds to achieve our goals of breaking barriers, challenging sterotypes and connecting communities in greater understanding.

Through building greater understanding we feel our community will be closer and stronger to work together for the benefit of all communities.

JIMAS have organised these activities with the various partners (who have included University Campus Suffolk, The Environment Agency, Suffolk County Council, ISCRE and SIFRE, to name a few.

JIMAS is a Muslim educational charity which works to create greater understanding about Islam amongst Muslims and People for other faith and no faith backgrounds. JIMAS works to do this through Education, Engagement and Service.

Building understanding and serving society is at the core of what we do. JIMAS takes pleasure in serving the whole British community through various charitable projects in order to improve our society through neighbourliness and compassion, by trying to fill gaps where needs are not fully met, and by pursuing the means of common benefit for all among whom we live.

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