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The section below outlines the history of St. Michael’s Church and Hall.

1980 to 2011

Victorian Foundations

Saint Micheal’s is a fine example of Victorian churchbuilding, a listed building and soon to be community centre.

Built to serve a growing congregation in Ipswich, St Michaels Church was built in 1880, with the Chancel added in 1890. It was designed by E.F Bishopp, an Ipswich Architect and built by Robert Girling. The Church was dedicated to St Micheal; an archangel whom appears in all the Abrahamic faiths.

It consisted of a nave, aisles with chancel, a bellcote at the western entrance and large arched stained glass windows in the eastern gable end. Shortly after construction of the main building was finished, a church hall was added.

1980 to 2011

Disrepair to Devastation

The Church and Hall was designated as a Grade II listed building in 1988. The Church was closed in the late 1990’s as attendance dropped and was sold for development into a restaurant and flats in 2005.

JIMAS purchased the St Michaels Church and Hall in 2011 with the intention of converting the Church into a community Centre.

Unfortunately, on the 7th of March 2011, the Church and Hall were extensively damaged by fire following an arson attack on the building. Sadly, the building was uninsured and we had to start from the beginning again.


Phoenix from the Flames

JIMAS have been humbled by the outpouring of support for the Community Centre project from across the spectrum of society. Subsequent to the fire JIMAS have been galvanised from people’s donations and time to move the project forward.

On 1st March 2014 the first volunteer clean up event was held with the support of Suffolk One students. The wonderful team of volunteers worked to clear the building from the debris. After three such days we are now ready for our first public open day.

On 10 April 2014, the doors to St. Michael’s will open once again, for the first time in many years. The Open day will allow the public to see the progress in the project, future plans and to create a platform to engage the wider community in conversation to discuss the future of SMCCI.